Behaviour Consultations

I cover many different behaviour problems, including the following:


Dogs – separation related problems, reactivity to dogs or people, aggressive behaviour, anxiety & phobias and repetitive behaviours.


Cats – house soiling, aggressive behaviour to animals or people, anxiety & fears


I can also work with rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furries, including social issues, anxieties and aggressive behaviours.

A behaviour consultation involves the following steps:

 • Initial telephone call to discuss the help I can offer and to ensure you are happy with the process

 • Completion of a detailed history form and veterinary referral*

 • Consultation in your home, lasting between 1 and 3 hours

 • Immediate intervention plan, discussed with you during the consultation

 • Detailed written report and additional resources, sent within one week of the consultation

 • Follow-up telephone support for up to 3 months

*Veterinary referral is required by the membership body I am a member of and is important due to the significant impact medical problems can have on behaviour.



£50 rabbit consultation (1-2h)

£90 cat consultation (1-3h)

£150 dog consultation (1-3h)


Mileage is added at 45p per mile beyond the outskirts of Lincoln

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