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Cat Behaviour

Fractious feline?

Is your cat constantly demanding attention, urinating outside the litter tray or scratching the furniture to pieces? I can help. By taking a full history of the problem, making some observations and having a detailed chat about what is happening I can make an assessment of the cause(s) of the problem and write a bespoke treatment plan. Cats can be complicated pets, with their own ideas of how their lifestyle should be, but I can help make you and your cat happy again.

Common problems I can help with include:

  • Urinating and/or defaecating outside the litter tray

  • Recurring cystitis*

  • Attention seeking (e.g. excessive meowing)

  • Cat-cat issues, such as fighting, hiding, chasing

  • Cat-human bond issues, such as scratching or biting

  • Inappropriate scratching

  • Shyness around visitors

  • Other anxieties and fears

* Note that this is a medical issue that can have behavioural aspects e.g. stress can be a factor. Always contact your vet in the first instance.

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